The Easy Way to Grow Nutrient Dense Food

The Easy Way to Grow Nutrient Dense Food

chocolate-cakeImagine the joy of eating one of the best cakes in the world. In one bite you would experience

  • Exquisite Flavor
  • Perfect Texture
  • And an Irresistible Desire to Take the Next Bite

In my mind it would have to be a chocolate cake with hints of coffee flavor—but not too sweet.

But what if you wanted to make this cake yourself? What would you need? To make one of the best cakes in the world, you would need:

  1. Highest quality ingredients
  2. Mixed together in just the right amounts (levels)
  3. In correct proportion with other ingredients (ratios)
  4. With proper mixing and baking procedures (instructions)

In short, you need a recipe.

You don’t have to be Buddy Valastro to make an outstanding cake.  All you need is a recipe showing ingredients and instructions. Having a recipe means you don’t have to do the hard work of perfecting the levels and ratios because it has already been done for you.

But what if you wanted something more nutritious than cake? What if you wanted to raise the best fruit and vegetables in the world? Could you?

Yes, you can! And it’s not even that hard. All you need is a fully optimized soil and a few simple instructions. If you have an ideal soil then growing nutrient dense foods is…wait for it…a piece of cake. It’s easy.

Grow Your Own Nutrition (GYON) is all about helping you optimize your soil so that it can produce the most nourishing foods for you and your family. We start with a detailed soil analysis and then carefully select the best nutrient sources to optimize your garden soil.

The Easy Way to Grow Nutrient Dense FoodsUnlike baking a cake, crafting an ideal soil is a biological process. It takes time to change the level and ratios of available minerals. This is because they must first be pre-digested by soil biology.

GYON provides the “recipe” for you to grow nutrient dense foods by first creating the ideal soil. Here are the exact steps we follow:

  1. Test the Soil
  2. Apply what is Deficient / Avoid what is Excessive
  3. Microbial Digestion
  4. Plant Uptake / Nutrient Depletion
  5. Repeat the Cycle

Each time we go through this cycle we move the soil closer to ideal. In the first year, you will see notable improvement in flavor and yield. By the 3rd year, your soil will be much closer to the ideal pattern, and the food will be the best you ever tasted. After that, we keep repeating the cycle and fine tuning the soil.

As the pattern of the soil improves, so does the nutrient density and flavor of your produce. Children will love eating raw green beans and soon start raiding the garden for sweet peas.

When crafting an ideal soil never forget this cardinal rule:

Do Not Apply what is Already Excessive!

The violation of this rule is why so much organic produce tastes poorly. In many cases, compost is applied even when it is not needed. This upsets the levels and ratios of minerals in the soil which lowers produce quality.

By using Grow Your Own Nutrition, you will optimize your garden soil. This leads to flavorful, more nourishing food. But the ultimate benefit is the health and energy this food provides you and your family.

Even if money was no object this type of food simply isn’t available in the marketplace. If you want the best, you’ll have to raise it yourself.

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