How it Works – Grow Your Own Nutrition

How it Works

The process of ordering your GYON custom fertility blend is designed to be fast and simple so you can get your nutrients added to your soil as quickly as possible. As always, should you have any questions simply contact our customer service team.

  1. Order your soil test kit. Simply measure the length and width of your garden in feet and multiply the two dimensions to come up with your square footage. (Example: An 8’ X 10’ garden bed is 80’ square feet). Then go to our order page and choose the package that corresponds to your square footage. You will receive a test kit in approximately 4 days from your order.
  2. Collect your soil sample and mail it back to us. Once you receive your soil kit, remove the bag and follow the instructions on how to take your soil sample. Mail it back to our lab in the shipping envelope provided.
  3. Prepare by reviewing your information packet. While you’re waiting for our laboratory to analyze your soil and ship your custom blend of nutrients and minerals (approximately 2 weeks), take some time to look over the helpful information we provide on how to grow the best tasting and nutritious food in your garden.
  4. Add your customized fertility blend of minerals and nutrients to your soil. The last part of the process is adding your custom blend to your garden soil. Your soil mix is delivered to your door and clear instructions are provided on how to proceed, along with a free gift.

Start growing your own nutrition today! Order your soil test kit here.